Video Content Tips for Every Social Media Platform

Video Content Tips for Every Social Media Platform

When you’re promoting your video content on social media, each platform comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges. Get the most out of your video content by using our tips to tailor your approach to each platform.


The apex of social media platforms, Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users, who collectively watch 8 billion videos every single day. There is arguably no social media platform more influential than Facebook for content marketers to master, due to its diverse international reach, popularity, and accessibility. So what kinds of video content work best for Facebook, to help your brand get ahead?

Facebook is a great platform for trying to connect to totally new audiences who may have only limited familiarity with your brand or business. Whatever videos you post there should be fun, relatable, and goal-specific. In general, the most liked, shared, and viewed Facebook videos tend to be humorous and/or cute, so think about these concepts as guideposts when creating promotional content for the platform. And don’t forget to keep it short – the ideal length for a Facebook video is between 15 and 90 seconds, so try to hook your viewers right away and then get to the main point ASAP. 


After Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is the third-biggest social media platform in the world, with over one billion monthly active users. Its enormous popularity with younger audiences all across the globe, coupled with its inherently visual nature, make Instagram invaluable to most video content marketers. There are now over 25 million branded accountson Instagram, and around 80% of users follow at least one, so having video custom-crafted for the platform is extremely valuable to distinguish yourself from less-savvy competitors. 

Video length on Instagram is much more limited than on Facebook or Twitter, while audience attention spans are slightly more generous. To take advantage of that, try creating videos that are between 15 and 60 seconds long, with a prominent call to action connected to the one featured on the button below (“Install Now,” “Sign Up,” etc.). Just like with Twitter, remember that this is primarily a mobile platform. Make sure you have the right aspect ratio for all of your video content, to take advantage of Instagram’s grid layout. 


Though LinkedIn has a much smaller pool of users than Facebook or Instagram, it is unique in that its primary user base consists of business professionals. With almost half a billion of these users currently registered, your brand has a huge opportunity for forming B2B connections in a wide array of industries. Because the majority of content posted on LinkedIn is static articles, sharing videos will give you an immediate leg-up over the competition, and help spread your brand reach significantly further.

Video content that performs the best on LinkedIn is typically under 15 seconds. We recommend keeping your video ads under 30 seconds, while organic Feed videos should be anywhere from 15 to 90 seconds. Because this is more of a professional, business-oriented setting, don’t be too cute or outrageous with your content. Instead, keep it crisp and focused; for example, with an explainer video that breaks down what you do, or a documentary video for a business event.

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