Covid 19 News

Covid 19 News

Global pandemic? Wow. Just a few months ago, we had no idea what was about to hit us. 

But here we are, and we sure hope all of you out there are safe. 


These certainly are challenging times but it’s not ALL bad news. 

Have you noticed how we’ve regained a sense of community? Back in 1918, during the influenza pandemic, people were truly isolated. A century later, technology has risen to the occasion to help us connect, share, and keep our businesses open. In fact, driven by a sense of urgency, many of us are doing more connecting now than we’ve ever done before.  

Online traffic has reached an ultimate peak. ZOOM has become the hottest app on the market. We can’t go a day without hearing about classes and meetings live streaming on ZOOM. 

We cursed millennials for their social media obsession, but in times like these, we are seeing how virtual experiences can be just as potent as person-to-person interactions.  

EVERYONE is moving in that direction. 

So what does all this mean for us at SHOOT CUT DELIVER? 

From the comfort of our home offices, SHOOT CUT DELIVER is collaborating with industries that have to adjust quickly by moving a large portion of their business online. 

Consider what makes the art world survive: gallery showings, art openings, and art fairs. How do they make use of video communication platforms to create virtual experiences that keep their viewers and buyers engaged? Here’s how: by creating virtual viewing rooms, virtual gallery openings with live audience participation, and by providing art enthusiasts with video content that supplement these virtual experiences.   

SHOOT CUT DELIVER is here to assist your business in creating visual content that will engage your followers, customers and clients, and ensure that you stay competitive in the virtual realm. 

This is a time to incubate ideas. Confined to our home offices, we are spending more time on developing new sustainable models. We are also slowing down our pre-production process— developing that innovative concept, writing that exciting script for your upcoming videos rather than rushing into production with a sketchy idea (not that we would actually do that). 

SHOOT CUT DELIVER is currently offering the following services: 

  • Research and concept development for product, marketing, and educational videos 
  • Concept development & consulting on creative ways of moving your business online 
  • Writing, scripting, and voice-overs  
  • Editing, graphics, video infographics, and sound design 

Let us work together to catapult your business into the new age of live streaming and video communication.   

The options are endless. 

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