Who We Are

Who We Are

Shoot Cut Deliver has been producing videos for over 15 years and continues to grow with the advancements of digital technology. Our highly experienced production team delivers professional and eye-catching 4K videos your clients, customers, and followers will love. We capture your targeted audience, deliver your message powerfully, and YOU SEE IMMEDIATE RESULTS! Our team creates the perfect media fit for your individual needs or for businesses of any size, and will work with you, step by step, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final product.

Our production and post production studios are equipped with a Green-Screen stage, a sound booth, and editing bays. We shoot on sets and on location, and can do one-camera interview setups or complex multi-camera productions. We also offer drone cinematography, animation, and any graphics you want to enhance the look of your video.

Shoot Cut Deliver is a one-stop-shop from creative concept through post-production, complete with web marketing SEO services. In the age of visual content marketing, your video puts your business on the map. Our marketing team will then work with you to convert leads into customers and “likes” into active followers.

About Neil

Neil started out working as an apprentice in the video editing field over 15 years ago, working with production companies learning how to professional edit and produce great looking videos. After several years of education in the video production field, Neil became certified with all the top educational providers showing skills up and above all others. He started his own company a number of years ago and today Shoot Cut Deliver is a full service production company catering to the most demanding clients. They offer a wide variety of video productions services and are available for a free consultation. Neil’s passion for quality and excellence has given him the level to satisfy anyone, with his personal involvement in all projects the results are amazing!

About Sabine

Sabine SighicelliSabine Sighicelli specializes in documentary/nonfiction writing, producing, and post-production supervising. She has worked in the nonfiction field, both independent and commercial (National Geographic Television, Foundation for World Arts, UCLA Intercultural Center, Women Make Movies, Museum of Jewish Heritage, Home Planet Productions, Shoot Cut Deliver Productions) for the past 14 years. Her award-winning documentary The Passionate Life of a Father Painter aired on PBS/KCET in 2001. Her film about composer Robert Een, “Be Warned!” is featured in the DVD collection of the UCLA Intercultural Center. Her short documentary “Breaking in Two,” sponsored by Women Make Movies featured internationally recognized women artists and was part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time. She served as Interim Chair of the Documentary Filmmaking Department at the New York Film Academy for two years, and has taught Film, Documentary, and Communication courses at the Brooks Institute, the New York Film Academy, and Chapman University.

About Sandra

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Sandra Dee Robinson has spent nearly all of her life in front of a camera: as an actor (including Another World, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Two and a Half Men, and many other top shows as well as a TV host and product spokesperson. Sandra has been working with Shoot Cut Deliver for the past several years. Clients that requeire a professional on camera host/spokesperson, Sandra is the perfect fit.


About Jay

Jay Verkamp is an award winning sound mixer and he has worked for many years as the sound supervisor for the History Channel’s Top Gear. Many articles have been written about Jay’s sound mixing experience. A production sound mixer, location sound recordist, location sound engineer or simply sound mixer is the member of a film crew responsible for recording all sound recording on set during the filmmaking using professional audio equipment, for later inclusion in the finished product. This requires choice and deployment of microphones, choice of recording media, and mixing of audio signals in real time.


About Gary

Gary Rohan is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles,


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